Graphic design

A crucial tool that enables you to communicate with your audience effectively and efficiently. What's right for the client, the audience and the market place are considered carefully. 

"Ella has the ability to interpret exactly what is required from a brief quickly, producing designs that expertly communicate the values and feel of a brand. "

Elissa Dennis, Marketing & PR consultant


Communicate and engage effectively with your market with inspiring and effective brochure design


Product iconography and character illustration to support your content on and off-line

Exhibition stands

Make your brand stand out amongst competitors in exhibitions and shows with large print work. 

Business cards

Align your brand visual identity with your personal business card

Press ads

Combine the creative power of advertising with the reach of press

Direct mail

Make the most of mailing lists your message with powerful personalised content

Game covers

Creative packaging to make your product pop


Make your event more tempting with creative invitations - both digital and print


Printed flyers create impact and are still a powerful form of marketing communication

Exhibition design

Enhance your brand in shows with uniquely designed stand store frontage


The power of data show in engaging and creative designs

Takeaway cards

An interactive, tactile and effective way of engaging with your audience

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